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Thanks guys, I have been very satisfied with your lead generating services for last 7 years, keep it up, please feel free to post my comments on your website.

Jeff R. - Riverside Co. CA

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Life/Medicare Leads Testimonials

We deliver what others promise.
I like the fact that your leads are exclusive, because I don't like to share my income lol. Thanks Insol. Looking forward for the next batch of 50.
Michael B. - Los Angeles CA.

Thank you guys for the great lead services! I have been purchasing direct mail final expense leads and I was getting less than 1.5% of return. Half had a wrong phone numbers and addresses were not correct. Over all I have spent thousands of dollars and I did not sell enough to cover half of my direct mail expenses. Once I found you, for the last 3 years I have had a consistent return of investment. Thank you for the great service.
Linda B. – Riverside Co. CA.

Hi my name is Ron, and I have been getting around 85-90% presentations and selling around 30% +. With your leads I am making good money selling Medicare Supplement and Life insurance plans. Sometimes I sell Medicare and Final Expense to the same person in the same house. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Ron W. - Durham NC.

I like the fact that all the leads you are generating are exclusive. I have purchased internet leads which turned me off from internet leads because I was never the first person to call on them. You have great customer service. I love speaking to Tracey and Monica in your Customer Service Department. Thank you!
Martha B. – Atlanta GA.

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