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Medicare Advantage Leads, Appointments, and Phone Leads

Medicare advantage leads in the form of telemarketing preset appointments and phone leads are available within 48 U.S. states for Medicare insurance professionals.

  • Stop wasting thousands of dollars on direct mail campaigns!
  • No long term or short term contracts!
  • All leads are fresh and in real time!
  • All leads are exclusive with no competition!
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We deliver what others promise.
US Leads WORLD®'s wants to help you increase your sales potential. Our exclusive Medicare advantage leads in the form of preset appointments or referral phone leads are your only way to succeed. Our leads are triple qualified and compliant with HIPAA. Our marketing approach is one of the best used in the telemarketing service industry nationwide. Having the experience in the field of generating Medicare advantage leads we have found top lead generation through outbound telemarketing in which our company has earned itself a fine and reputable reputation.

The company has its own lead bank of extensive Medicare phone lists that are all D.N.C. (Do Not Call) compliant and regularly updated. These lists are kept updated regularly. In addition to their names, the company also keeps track of any changes within their residency, household income, and optional health screening filters.

Find out how we can help you to achieve your success in increasing your sales as well as getting a nice return of investment. Call our Customer Service center at 1-800-423-9450 today!

Or you can complete our contact us page and within 30 minutes or less a professional customer service representative will contact you and begin the process of acquiring your Medicare leads through US Leads WORLD®. With these leads, you can build up your business. With the quality leads in your hands, you can begin to reach out to seniors who have expressed an interest in getting a Medicare Advantage plan. US Leads WORLD are above and beyond all other lead generation services. Make sure that you choose US Leads for all your Medicare insurance marketing needs. See more info on Medicare advantage leads generation services.
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By Lance Brown

September 2, 2014

There are many companies that offer Medicare leads generation services. A good example of such a company is US leads WORLD. When you get leads from this company, you are assured of effective and satisfactory results. Company has been in the business of providing Medicare leads for more than ten years. This means they have the necessary experience to give you leads that will not disappoint you. More.
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