Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is extremely important to us. Modern day technology makes it unnervingly easy for information to leak to unauthorized people. We understand that the information provided to us by our customers about himself or his properties should be kept secure, confidential information should never be leaked to improper views.

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Third Parties Rules

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Third parties are not allowed access to the information given to us by customers. If an exception must be made, it is thoroughly reviewed and must have a pressing need, with no alternative. For email communication we take extra steps to ensure your security and we will not give your information such as your address, to a third party company. The only reason we utilize the address of a customer is to answer mail that has been received for that customer.

At, we know your personal information is valued and that you do not want it to fall into the hands of the wrong people. We provide complete transparency to our customers about how, when, and why any of their information is used. If there is a need for a third party to be given access to personal information, we let the customer know why and what type of information needs to be given. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that we fully disclose our procedures with them. also provides many opportunities for our customers to review our privacy policy. In fact, every time a form is filled out, the customer has the opportunity to review this policy. This prevents questions from going unanswered and our clients from unknowingly submitting information under terms they are not comfortable with. The customer maintains control throughout the process and before they submit any information to us.

You can rest assured that your information is protected and we value your business as a customer and will always keep your interest and privacy in mind before we do anything. We will protect your personal information just like we would our own. We do not expect our customers to agree to anything that we would also not agree to.
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Thanks guys, I have been very satisfied with your lead generating services for last 7 years, keep it up. See more