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At InSOL® we generate high quality exclusive Real Estate leads for realtors within 48 states. Our professional experienced telephone operators have a minimum of 1 year of telesales experience.

  • No long term or short term contracts!
  • All real estate leads are fresh and in real time!
  • All leads are exclusive with no competition!
Realtor Marketing
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Real Estate Marketing

We deliver what others promise.
If you are tired of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your mailing campaigns or internet marketing, then you have come to the right place. Here you will be able to acquire high quality potential first time home buyers.

We have also been able to retain these top position and reputation successfully for over 10 years.

We will do all the marketing for you! We will generate your new prospects by cold calling and following up on our bulk advertising. Your potential customers will be apartment or home renters in your desired territory. We will carefully verify their prospect potential by asking them qualifying questions.

All our quality realtor leads in the form of phone leads are generated and verified within 24 hours in advance or less, therefore they all fresh and in real time.

We will verify:

  1. Current Income 50k plus
  2. Current Credit Score 650 or higher
  3. Age Bracket 40-60

Additional customization is available upon request.

All our telephone conversations are recorded for quality purposes to make sure all needed questions were asked and each prospect is qualified for a face-to-face meeting or a conference call.
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Thanks guys, I have been very satisfied with your lead generating services for last 7 years, keep it up. See more

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